About Me

Hello everyone! Thank you for dropping by mako-sawin.com. 

About Me:

My name is Mako Sawin, and I was born in Kurdistan. Since 2000, I have been residing in the United Kingdom, dedicating myself to furthering my education in various fields. In 1993, I obtained a BSc in Statistics from Salahaddin University, Erbil. Subsequently, I pursued further academic achievements, acquiring three additional Master’s degrees: Computer Science from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2007, Islamic Studies from the University of Aberdeen in 2018, and Mathematics from the Open University in 2021.

Furthermore, between 2000 and 2004, I obtained two advanced Diploma Level III qualifications in Programming and IT Users, covering subjects such as Java, System Analysis, Software Design, SQL, Principles, Spreadsheet, and MS Word. Additionally, I earned a Diploma Level II in Programming, specializing in C++, Pascal, Visual Basic, and Program Design Techniques. I also acquired proficiency in Level II skills encompassing Hardware and Software Maintenance and Repair, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and obtained the CompTIA A+ certification in Hardware and Software. Lastly, I completed the Edexcel course in Advanced Oracle PL and Oracle SQL/SQL.

I have a great passion for studying and conducting research, with a specific interest in Science, History, and Religions. Mathematics and Physics hold a special place in my heart, as they are my favorite subjects.

During my school years, I resembled a young Sheldon, as my mind was constantly filled with questions such as, “Where do all these formulas originate from?” At times, my teachers struggled to provide satisfactory answers, compelling me to derive the formulas on my own. As I embarked on my first year of University, I discovered that some of my methods for deriving formulas differed from those employed by other mathematicians. Moreover, I stumbled upon numerous formulas without prior knowledge of their existence for centuries before my time.

In relation to history and religion, I believe that they are two primary branches of knowledge that are intricately connected. They can be likened to two sides of the same coin, where understanding one is essential to comprehending the other. Through extensive study, I have come to the conclusion that if religion serves as the foundation of human thought, it is history that nurtures and shapes that foundation.

Hence, alongside my academic pursuits, a significant portion of my personal time has been dedicated to researching Kurdish history and the religions that have been practiced for over 4000 years. These endeavors have culminated in the publication of numerous articles and two books, namely:

  1. A Contemplation of Kurdish History: A Study of Apocryphal Works by Historians (Volume I)
  2. A Contemplation of Zagrosian Religions: A Study of Apocryphal Works by Historians (Volume II)

These works delve deep into the rich historical and religious heritage of the Kurdish people, providing valuable insights and shedding light on lesser-known aspects.

These two books focus on the works of historians who may have inaccurately portrayed Kurdish history or deliberately misled readers. My objective is to uncover the hidden aspects of Kurdish history and present a revised account, incorporating my own theories.

On this website, I will be sharing a selection of my essays and dissertations completed during my Master’s degrees. Additionally, I plan to provide translations of some of my articles and cover specific topics from both books in the near future.